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2021 Shouts

2021, September 21 - Missing Person.

The lfeboat was tasked to search the River Dyfi for a missing person, the search was completed and nothing found. Aberdyfi lifeboat, Coastgurad Rescue Teams from Borth and Aberdyfi, Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue were all called out to supprot the Police led search.

2021, August 22 - Fallen Rider.

A rider fell from her horse by the Swash and was dragged out to sea in the curren. The lifeboat was diverted from exercise to assist but the person had already made thier way safely to shore before the lifeboat arrived.

2021, July 24 - Fisherman weaver sting.

At 11:30 in the morning Aberdovey and Borth lifeboats were tasked to a report of a fisherman on a 16 foot Dory who had suffered an adverse reaction to a Weaver fish sting. Nothing was found at the original position given so the lifeboats commenced a search of the area. HM Coastguard made contact with the casualty and confirmed a new position. On arrival the faster Aberdovey Atlantic class lifeboat took the casualty on board and gave some casualty care in preparation for transfer back to Aberdovey. Once the Borth D-Class lifeboat arrived on scene the Atlantic began its transit back to Aberdovey. The Dory had three remaining passengers on board, but the skipper was the casualty so they were unable to navigate back to Aberdovey. It was agreed that the Dory could make their own way but would be escorted by Borth lifeboat. Once Aberdovey lifeboat had dropped the casualty at the Aberdovey lifeboat station they returned to take over the escort back to Aberdovey and Borth lifeboat returned to station at 1:30 p.m. This was Tom's first shout.

2021, July 19 - Sinking Kayak.

At about 5pm on the evening of 19th July a evening a local surfer spotted a Kayaker in difficulty 500 metres offshore near the North Reef and advised the Lifeboat Operations Manager(LOM) at the lifeboat station. The LOM authorised a launch of the inshore lifeboat(ilb) and informed HMCG Milford Haven. Borth ilb launched and on arrival at scene were met by one of the RNLI beach Lifeguards on a paddleboard who attended about one minute before the lifeboat. The Casualty had been fishing from his Kayak by the reef. The casualty craft was holed underneath and had taken on a great deal of water, once the casualty became aware he realised he could not make it back to the beach so he swam to the reef where he could be safe. The Lifeguard checked that he did not need any additional care and waited for the lifeboat to arrive. Once on scene the lifeboat took the casualty and the Kayak on board and returned them to Borth Beach.

2021, July 11 - Lone SUP.

Lifeboat launched on exercise as the Operations Manager spotted a person in Borth Bay who had fallen from a SUP and was attempting to swim in. Launch Authority asked the crew over VHF to check whether the person needed assistance as the lifeboat was relaunching following a crew change. Lifeboat was making its way to the person when the person started to wave for assistance. The lifeboat arrived shortly after that and assisted the casualty, taking her on board the lifeboat. She reported that she suddenly felt exhausted and called for assistance and was relieved to see the lifeboat already on the way. Casualty and the SUP were taken back to the lifeboat station. The casualty was monitored for a short time to ensure that she was ok and left with a friend.

2021, June 27 - Yacht sail flapping.

Borth ILB launched on exercise and noted a Yacht in Borth Bay with a sail flapping. The lifeboat advised Milford Haven Coastguard that they were going to investigate.Upon arrival at scene it was determined that there was one person on board and he was having difficulty with the Genoa Sail. The yacht was unable to hold a position as the engine was overheating. One of the ILB Crew transferred to the Yacht to assist. The ILB Crew checked the water from the engine and assisted to stow the flapping sail. It was agreed to escort the yacht to the visitor moorings at Aberdovey. When the engine was engaged at high revs the alarm sounded so the boat maintained a slow speed back to Aberdovey with the ILB Crew member on board and the ILB escorted. Once the Yacht was safely on the moorings the ILB Crew member transferred back to the ILB and the lifeboat returned to station.

2021, May 30 - 2 SUPs.

At 3:30 in the afternoon Borth inshore lifeboat was tasked to a report of two teenagers on Stand Up Paddleboards in difficulty off Borth Beach. The two teenagers were being blown offshore and were drifting southwards with the outgoing tide. They had managed to get with 20 meters of the shore when the lifeboat arrived on scene. Two of the lifeboat crew entered the water to assist the two casualties to shore. They helped the over the difficult terrain in the sunken forest. The crew noted that the teenagers were cold and wet but had not ingested any water. They were both wearing wetsuits. The casualties were handed over to HM Coastguard Borth on the beach and the lifeboat returned to station.

2021, February 07 - Dog.

On Sunday 7th February, whilst on exercise, Borth lifeboat was tasked to investigate reports of a dog which had been chasing seagulls (and failed) but had followed them to about 200 yards offshore. By the time the lifeboat arrived on scene the, very tired dog, had made its own way to shore. The crew confirmed with the owners that this was the dog in question, and that no-one else had entered the water. As everyone was safe the crew returned to their exercise.

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The RNLI is the charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the UK and Republic of Ireland. Our volunteer crews give up their time and comfort to carry out rescues in difficult and often dangerous conditions.

There has been an RNLI lifeboat station at Borth since 1966; read the History of Borth lifeboat station and Station Honours. You can visit Borth lifeboat station most days when the shop is open (see below), and ask to be shown around. The crew trains every Sunday between 10-00 and 12-00, and we welcome visitors and prospective volunteers.

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Volunteering at Borth Lifeboat Station

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If you are aged betwee 17 and 50 you can join the Borth volunteer crew (17 year olds need parental consent) subject to a medical. If you are not yet 17 why not get in touch and we can explain what is required and ensure that you are ready to take up this interesting challenge when you come of age.

Being part of an RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew is a major commitment, where Borth RNLI lifeboat volunteer crew members may have to risk their lives to save people in peril. The commitment isn't only measured in the time spent involved in rescues; new equipment and boats mean that regular training programmes also account for much of their spare time.

To become a Borth RNLI Volunteer Crew Member, simply email or come to the lifeboat station between 10am and 12 noon on any Sunday and ask to see Ronnie.

Given that you are prepared to give that commitment the RNLI will provide world class training and support, and you will become part of a great team.

RNLI Volunteers are also required to help fundraising and organise events to support the work of our volunteer lifeboat crews. If you are able to help please email

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Due to COVID-19 the Shop remains closed, as there is insufficient space to social distance, we will advise when we consider it safe to reopen.

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The Borth RNLI shop carries a range of gift ideas, toys, clothing, products for the home, garden and much more.

As the RNLI shop is manned by volunteers 100% of profit goes directly towards our vital life saving work.

Supporting the RNLI whilst shopping with Amazon couldn't be easier. If you use this link to complete your purchase Amazon will donate a minimum of 5% of the value of your order to the RNLI.

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The RNLI provides Lifeguards in Borth for the summer season. The RNLI Lifeguards patrol the area of the beach near the lifeboat station. Their presence makes a significant difference to the safety of users of Borth beach.

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