This page provides a number of videos of the Borth D Class Inshore Lifeboat in action.

July 5th 2018 - Borth D-760 lifeboat was called out and rescued two Kayakers about half a mile out to sea.

October 19th 2014 - Borth D-760 training in waves.

Borth D-760 training in waves

Video of the Borth lifeboat on BBC website taken on 4Th October 2012.

Borth RNLI lifeboat searching the Dyfi Estuary on 4 October 2012

June 8th 2012 - Borth D-622 Launch.

November 15th 2009 - Borth D-622 Inshore training.

December 20th 2009 - Borth D-622 Launch training.

December 2009 - Borth D-622 training in waves.

December 2009 - Borth D-622 and Crew Training in the waves.

2007? - Borth D-622 Launching.